DevOpsDays Boston 2018: Day 1

Mon 24 September 2018
By roy.

So, work paid for me and my boss to go to a conference

Yes, it's only in Boston, but it's still not work, so that rules. Here are my big takeaways from the first day:

Katy Farmer - KEYNOTE: How to be Happy Being Average

It's ok to not be a rockstar! We're all getting shit done and able to stand on the shoulders of giants to do cool things.

Anton Gurov - Anatomy of an AWS Account Cryptojack

hahaha, holy shit we're bad at security. Don't ever post AWS/GCE/Azure/DO/etc... creds to a public git repository. Not only will you get owned in a hilariously short amount of time, but you'll probably be on the hook for thousands to your IaaS provider.

Quintessence Anx - Sensory Friendly Monitoring: Keeping the Noise Down

Notifications are insanely distracting. Even if it's a welcomed notification, it's going to take time to deal with it and get back to work. Take a good long look at your notifications and figure out how to make them more manageable and how to make them better for you.

Jane Pruskakova - Can You Keep a Secret? Privacy in the Digital Age

Long story short: No. No we can't. Also, everyone wants every bit of data out of us that they can get.

Matt Surabian - Vault at Scale

Vault is actually pretty easy to run at scale, it's the backend and dataload that's hard to scale (insert fun anectdote of Zipcar's 6k container fleet clogging up token lease aggregation)

Pete Cheslock - Pick any three: Good, Fast, and Safe. DevOps from Scratch

We're still bad at DevOps, but we're getting better. Now that Dev and Ops are a happy family, we need to start being better at talking to Security.

Alicia Davis - Why we provisioned 37 Jenkins Servers: How to architect your CICD pipeline to account for organizational maturity

Apparently a company with a couple hundred dev teams requires a lot of space to work effectively.

Angel Rivera - CICD 101 with CircleCI

Modern CICD pipelines are fun! git commit -a to publish a new container to the Docker Hub.

Ok, that's day 1. All that's left is closing and drinking at Banyon!