1. saltstack gitfs

    Tue 09 January 2018
    By roy.

    This is mostly notes for myself, but I wanted to write up an easy reference.


    This is to get a basic setup with a map from saltenv to git branch.

    This requires some basic knowlege of saltstack concepts like pillar, salt environments.

    My setup is pretty simplistic, I have …

    Tagged as : saltstack gitfs git
  2. devops

    Sun 17 December 2017
    By roy.


    Well, not really. I have a pretty decent idea of what's going on.. Trust me, I've got this (mostly)

    I've also figured out how to do images in Hugo, #dealwtithit


    I'm currently working on authoring a tool in python, and that's been fun to work

    on. It's currently pretty …

  3. I've got a new job!

    Mon 09 October 2017
    By roy.

    So, as of 20171009, I'm in my last week of work at Hachette Book Group. Next week I start my new role as DevOps Engineer at Mobile Heartbeat!

    I'm an equal mix of excited, scared, and a little bummed.

    • Excited because this is something I've been woring towards for a …

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