I'm not super great with writing about myself, it aways feels weird.

So, who am I?


As of my writing of this, I'm 36 years old and living in the Greater Boston Area.


I'm currently a DevOps Engineer with Mobile Heartbeat, formally Infrastucture Engineer at Hachette Book Group, formally formally IT Specialist III at the State of Vermont

With Mobile Heartbeat, I'm currently working on building out the Terraform, configuring Kubernetes, and fighting with Azure to deploy our upcoming SaaS offering: Banyan

These days, professionally, I'm most interested in the things happening in the DevOps/SRE space. I love Python, I'm getting into Docker more and more, and I want to get better at Golang.


Outside of work, I'm an avid musician and tabletop gamer.

Currently music-wise, I'm in NOT MUCH doing NOT MUCH.

Past work I've done is here:
There's other bands, but they're either ancient history or never did any recordings, or were purposefully scrubbed from the Internet

this site.

still very much in flux
Digital Ocean