1. Microsoft OpenHack - Day 1

    Wed 28 November 2018
    By roy.

    Lions, tigers, and Azure DevOps. Oh my!

    Where to begin?

    Recently my boss emailed myself and a couple other engineers at Mobile Heartbeat about an event Microsoft was running about learning Azure, Azure Kubernetes (k8s) Service, and Azure DevOps (silly name for an actually pretty cool project). Naturally, I took …

  2. Docker on Windows

    Wed 12 September 2018
    By roy.

    This is a thing I've beeen doing at work. Partly because I've been learning docker on my own time, and partly because it'll make deploying our chatbot code easier.

    A lot of this is going to be copy and pasted from the wiki article I wrote about Docker on Windows …

    Tagged as : docker windows devops
  3. Ghost + NGINX + Docker, OH MY

    Tue 10 July 2018
    By roy.

    Ghost + NGINX + Docker, OH MY

    So, I recently decided to redo my website and this is a active work in progress.




    I've been using this as an excuse to finally get my shit together and actually learn Docker.

    Up until now I've done basic docker work (docker run hello-world, etc...), but I …

    Tagged as : docker devops cloud

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